Tridents Navagational Aids


I am new to this forum and I am not really sure where I would ask this question but because it relates to the Trident and its navigational features I will just start here. In the promo video it say the trident will travel in a straight line making it possible to do lawn mower patterns. Does this mean that it has bearing, distance and depth information built into the software and that one would be able to program a heading, distance and offset and the trident could actually run the pattern on its own (so to speak)?

Also could you tell me what navigational features it does have and displays? Heading? Depth? Water Temp? Speed?

Lastly, It would be really helpful if the Wifi float had a built in GPS transceiver that could send the float coordinates back to the tablet in real time via WiFi.

Hope somebody sees this!

I have already per-ordered and will be using the trident this summer for shipwreck mapping in East Florida.

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Always… One more question? If I wanted to limit Tridents depth by limiting the amount of tether, would the Trident be strong enough to sink the float if I choose to dive and if so and I lost connectivity to the WiFi what does Trident do? All-stop until connectivity is restored? Or curse around the ocean until the battery runs out? LOL

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The Trident has depth and heading information (as well as water temp). We are still working out the details on the control system. In theory you could set it to automatically drive the pattern using time of flight to estimate distance flown. Depending how well that actually works, I could see a plugin made available to add the capability to the Trident in the future.

Were still working out the edge cases around some of the control scenarios. Our goal is to avoid an experience like the example above!


Thank you for the response and keep up the good work… I am very excited
for the endless possibilities your product will bring to the world of