Tridents in Australia


Now that Trident is shipping in larger quantities, it seems like it is becoming very popular down here in Australia. Is anyone from Australia interested in collaborating on projects or sharing their experiences?


I am based in Brisbane and have been using Trident since early in the year. I have an active interest in:

  • Payload modules
  • Additional power
  • External lights
  • External cameras
  • Remote control
  • Live and/or near real time video


@pforperry I’d love to collaborate, but I’m way up here in New England, so it would only be thorough discussion and sharing my experiences. In the past I’ve had some great experiences with long distance collaborations with other explorers on OpenExplorer. We worked on breaking new ground with tools and techniques developed for the modern explorer.



Hi Guy’s I’ve just got my trident, I’m in Townsville. I’d like to collaborate, I’m interested in having a play first then seeing what I can get the Trident to do.


G’day neilhuxleymail,

Welcome to the club, it sounds like Santa came early for you…

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Kind regards



I am down in Sydney but get around on the East Coast a bit

As you say there are a few units in Australia, I got mine mainly to have a quick and easy way to check out the seabed,

My main interests are shipwrecks (search for and documenting them) as well as playing around with photogrammetry (of which I have been slack as I have had the unit for a couple of months now but am still to get a mount for the GoPro to play around with this) and see the Trident as another tool

Given you are up in Brisbane the first thing I would be doing with a unit up there is playing with it out at Curtain Reef :wink:

Scott W


G’day Micheal_Girard,

Sorry to have missed your reply…I look forward to working with you.

This forum is great for collaborating and sharing ideas no matter where we are.


G’day Scott_W,

Thanks for the reply…its good to know we have some seasoned members down here. I see you know Dom.

SFM is high on my list of things to explore and to get working so thanks for the tip about Curtain Artificial Reef. I saw a government tender a while back for the creation of another artificial reef system near Point Lookout (North Stradbroke Island) so there will be plenty to look at here in Moreton Bay in the years to come. I too have been playing around with GoPro mounts and external payload modules for Trident however time has not been on my side this year. I would like to build upon your work by setting up multiple vertical/lateral cameras to collect imagery from line surveys without causing Trident to become too difficult to control.

I hope to be in Sydney for a day or two early next year so I will be sure to catch up. Let me know if you are ever in the Brisbane area.


I am based in Sydney. Glad to work toghter for projects.


@pforperry I’ve been doing photogrammetry in the water, and on land for quite a while. I won’t claim to be an expert, but when you get started, I’d be happy to help out if you have any questions.



G’day franzy.tang,

It is great to hear from you and to see another Trident owner in Sydney…I really should move a bit further south.

Do you have any particular use in mind?


G’day again Michael,

Thanks for the offer. It sounds like we might have a few things in common so I’ll be sure to be in touch.


I’m in aus. I see you have an interest in external cameras. Have you managed to mount and run a camera remotely? I am attempting to do this with a GoPro 7 and interested in people’s set ups (hardware, software, camera controller independent from ROV controller)


G’day yibadagargadoo, welcome to the group.

I have taken my Hero 4 on a couple of dives to play around with buoyancy and trim related settings (as part of some earlier work on streamlined payload modules) however I have not yet attempted to control it via Trident or any other external controller (I am happy with “set and forget” stills and video for the time being…I find the remote control functionality of Hero 4 a bit frustrating when using my Samsung S5 smart phone in air so I am hesitant to dive too deep into external control of it via Trident for the moment).

Remote control is certainly on my list of things to look at one day so please let me know if you have any success.