Trident X Y Z Driving?


Hi, so I am working in a low visibility environment. Any lateral movement, and I immediately lose sense of position, Any way to turn the Android app into an XYZ space, vs Vector based space? I basically want to level the unit at the surface, and go straight down in Z.



I don’t think the Trident has the control authority to do what you describe with it’s current motor configuration. It would need a couple more motors to hold tilt and pitch steady while descending.

For precise movement in low visibility, you might be better served by a more complex platform like the BlueROV2 which can hold a level attitude and heading while maneuvering in XYZ space.


Use a clump weight to get to the bottom and drive with more of a point and shoot style. Aim, then go forward a bit, stop until it corrects itself, then forward again. If you have a controller with a gyro, like an android phone, you have two dots on the compass rose. The small one is the direction you are facing and the large one is the Trident. Point yourself in the direction you want to go and maunevar the big dot on top of the small dot and you will be driving away. Turn the Trident right until the big dot is 90 degrees right and you will be moving 90 degrees to your right. Use stabilization mode. Use your pitch and roll display to keep from getting out of control using bursts of power to maintain forward momentum and up and down motion. Plan on bumping into the bottom a lot.


Thanks, one question, what is a clump weight?





You my god sir just saved me a lot of struggles now xD thanks!!