Trident with sound recording?


the Trident with sound recording? and effect is good? thanks!


Hey, Trident will not have audio available on its recordings.


So we can not hear the sound of the ocean, and in the 2.8 version which can record the sound, why now can not be achieved?


The v2.8 uses a camera (that is taken from a web-cam), and has microphones built into it. That is the Genius F100 camera.

Trident uses a different, HD camera that is an ‘action cam’ only, and does not have microphones on it. Additionally, the software drivers that run the HD cam are a different protocol than the software that runs the Genius camera.

Trident’s camera is on our store for use in a camera upgrade set for the v2.8 kit:


Thanks! Does the follow-up consider adding sound to the recording? After all, there are still a lot of seductive sound inside the ocean.


I agree, as a diver I enjoy underwater sounds. Regular microphones inside a pressure vessel aren’t the best way to do this, as the acoustic transfer from water -> acrylic tube -> air -> microphone really colors the sound quite a bit, especially when its right next to a servo with a low hum. The way to record audio in the water is with a hydrophone. That is something we may sell later on as an add-on, but its relatively low priority.


Does the hydrophone need to be customized? Have you tested the effect? But in the sealed barrel inside the microphone, but also to record some interesting sounds, do not know the professional level of ROV whether the sound recording function?


Yes, if we are to implement a hydrophone we would make sure it is well-designed, works with our existing technology, and records audio that can be used in a useful way. Simply capturing the audio from inside the ROV housing is fairly useless and we can’t justify the R+D time and cost it takes for such a thing to be made. Having a hydrophone is fairly low priority for us at this time, but something we may look into having in the future.


Of course if you have free time and want to build a hydrophone… I’m sure plenty of people on this forum would love to see you make one :wink:


Yes, thanks! Hope that there are some good suggestions, miniaturization of the product or a lot of use, especially under the water here


In my other life (outside of OpenROV) I am an audio engineer and musician, so I am really interested in this myself.

I guess the first question is - what frequency range are you looking to capture? A lot of hydrophones are tuned to capture >20kHz, as a lot of marine animals communicate in frequency ranges that aren’t audible by humans. Whales are below our range, dolphins are much higher. Human range is 20-20k Hz (roughly).

So ultimately you would need to select a frequency range, transpose the audio to somewhere between 20-20k Hz (but probably more like 100-15k Hz).