Trident, Wifi Buoy, location through a GPS?



Good afternoon, tuesday, June 07st, 2016
I’d like to preorder for a Trident and I’d like to know how the wifi system is working : mainly :

  • What is the range from the buoy to the PC or to shore ?
  • Does I need to buy or order any “device” to be abble to use the system, as antenna or amplifier to get the signal from the buoy ?
  • Is there a possibility to put a GPS on the buoy and to transmit the location of the Gps/Buoy to the PC and so to get the location of the Trident.
    I have a software which is abble to plot the mobile through a NMEA sentense (Hypack) ?
  • Looking the software, does the 3D possibility will be available ?
  • And so on the OpenROV2.8 that I have order and I am building at this moment ?

Thank you, and best regards

Herve Blanchet


Trying to give you a few answers back

Have a bit of a read through the kickstarter update

RE [quote=“Blanchet_DRSM_Cie, post:1, topic:4413”]
What is the range from the buoy to the PC or to shore ?

They are still working on this from the update

We’ve also been working on Trident’s Radio Buoy. Range of this buoy is extremely dependent on external factors such as what WiFi system is being used, how much local RF noise there is, and how heavy the seas are, but preliminary tests have been promising. Even in the San Francisco Bay, where there is a tremendous amount of radio noise, we were able to tow the buoy 40-50m offshore and return to home without difficulty

Again quoting from the update

One more thing about the buoy! We’ve decided it would be worth it to throw in a little bonus: the Radio Buoy will now come with a built in GPS receiver.

At a bit of a guess it is unlikely to have NMEA sentences out of the box as most of the GPS electronics modules don’t support this (it’s after further processing that standard GPS’s (eg hand helds etc) spit these out rather than the base electronic chip’s) Most likely would integrate into KML style data (google earth) and that supports 3D (X,Y,Z) locations

Hypack mmmm :heart_eyes: got a few dollars for that piece of very handy software