Trident Video Glitch


Hi all,

So I’ve been loving my new Trident so far but an issue has cropped up today while I was teaching a bunch of interns about the ROV and we were about to start a transect when the video froze. We brought the ROV back into shore (controls were still working). when it was back on shore the video returned but then when we tried to redeploy it froze before it was even in the water. We tried restarting the app and the ROV a few times and checked the connectors repeatedly. We even tried running it off my phone.

No matter what we did it would either freeze completely for periods of time (several minutes) before returning, not be able to find the video publisher (ie. offer to let me control the ROV without a camera feed), or in the case of running it off my phone, run with so much lag that it was impossible to pilot.

Has anyone else encountered this and do you know a fix?




I noticed on my Trident that I had a .5 second delay on the video. I may be my tablet causing it but I did sent a sample video into OpenROV
Still loving it


Hey guys,

Thank you both for this feedback. Certainly neither of these video issues should happen. If you wouldn’t mind emailing these descriptions to our support team ( we can track the issues through our system. In the meantime, the basic things to double check are signal quality (make sure there is a good radio path between the WiFi Topside and your device, and that there isn’t a lot of other interference on those frequencies like lots of other WiFi or Bluetooth devices). Also, sometimes video can cut out if the battery level is very low, so it’s good to double check that your battery isn’t almost dead.

Presuming it isn’t either if these issues, Support is probably the best route to go so we can get more hands-on.

Thanks again for reporting this stuff back!



Hi @james1 ,

Another potential issue in your situation is that your device either doesn’t have dedicated H264 decoding hardware and is falling back to a software decoder, which could affect decoding latency, or you may have a hardware decoder that is making certain assumptions about the stream’s characteristics which introduces unnecessary latency.

Generally, the wifi hardware of a device is the first place I suspect problems, and then the decoding hardware is where I look next.

If you can tell me the exact model number of your android tablet, I can dig in deeper!



Hi Charles
Thank you.
I previously sent a email and video to Zack so you may have seen this already.
But the Tablet is
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Model # SM -T350
Android version 7.1.1

Please let me know if you need anything else.
James Moskito


thanks for your reply Eric, I did talk to support and they said more or less what you’ve just told me. The area does have several other wifi signals but I’d dived the trident there many times without issue, The battery was full and the tablet was the same one I’d used in the prior dives without issue. What did change is I’d switched on developer mode on the app. I switched this off and took it down for a dive after posting this and it seemed to work fine. I’ll certainly update if the problem returns.


I noticed this issue out on my kayak under the sun. I shielded the router and the glitches stopped. May not be the same issue you are having, but seems, as one might think, high heat on the router box, starts messing up the internal electronics, hitting the higher demand data packets first, i.e. video.

However, I did notice this on a fresh water dive it much milder weather up in the PA mountains…


I’ve experienced similar freeze ups on two early evening dives in a fresh water lake.
There may be WiFi interference from camps along the lake frontage. Freeze-ups have
occurred at depths of ~ 50 ft., and video and motor control returned after a few minutes.
Heat was not the problem in my case. Battery charge may have been a factor in one case,
but not the other.

I’ll let you know more details if it happens again.

SN 618B7124
Using JXD Model No. S192K


Hi, Yes i had a similar problem on my first two days of testing off a beach, but i was allowing the buoy antenna to float out with the sub, which i have subsequently learnt i should not do, its not designed as a floater apparently, which is a shame as i understood this was the whole point of a buoy antenna, any way, i concluded it was a range issue as the video dropped out some 5-10M away as the buoy sailed away behind the sub and controls failed after about 20-30M, i had to be close to the antena buoy (now dangling in a tree branch) to keep the video, working from a boat it was OK, but then you need to drive the boat as well as the sub. It would be a great advantage to eventually have a floating antenna for more freedom on the dive, i hope OPENROV can look at this, and dare i say again, move the record button to the top of the screen, i found my self switching the video on and off as my fingers fumbled with the pilot control, cheers all, Wez


Thanks for the feedback @wezcrutchfield