Trident Vertical Thruster Motor is sticking



Hi there
The vertical thruster on my Trident is catching. I can rotate it manually but it is sticking at one point. I have opened the assembly and looked at the motor but cannot see anything obviously wrong. I am not sure it one can open the motor further to see if something is lodged inside.
I am also not very mechanical.
Please assist


My v1 vertical thruster has always had a ‘clicking’ sound but has never stuck. The other two thrusters have the normal whine.


Spray some wd40 or better, PB Blaster, into the small gap in the actual motor between the base and the coil cover. Turn it by hand to work it in. Then, give it a couple short burst with power on the highest level. Squirt some more in. Then, drop it in the water and spin by hand some more. That should free it up and wash out anything. I have the original gen 1 motors with a smaller air gap and they freeze up a lot but I have been able to free every time, usually just need a soaking in water.


Thanks for the advice. Worked pretty much as described. Much appreciated.
The vertical thruster is much noiser now, but working most of the time. I am going to give it another dose to see if I can get 100%.