Trident Vertical Thruster Motor is sticking

Hi there
The vertical thruster on my Trident is catching. I can rotate it manually but it is sticking at one point. I have opened the assembly and looked at the motor but cannot see anything obviously wrong. I am not sure it one can open the motor further to see if something is lodged inside.
I am also not very mechanical.
Please assist

My v1 vertical thruster has always had a ‘clicking’ sound but has never stuck. The other two thrusters have the normal whine.

Spray some wd40 or better, PB Blaster, into the small gap in the actual motor between the base and the coil cover. Turn it by hand to work it in. Then, give it a couple short burst with power on the highest level. Squirt some more in. Then, drop it in the water and spin by hand some more. That should free it up and wash out anything. I have the original gen 1 motors with a smaller air gap and they freeze up a lot but I have been able to free every time, usually just need a soaking in water.

Thanks for the advice. Worked pretty much as described. Much appreciated.
The vertical thruster is much noiser now, but working most of the time. I am going to give it another dose to see if I can get 100%.

I picked up a can of a product called Corrosion X and have been giving my motors a spray of this about every 4-5 dives. The motors are turning nice and smooth and I’m still using the gen 1.

My Trident’s vertical truster developed a distinct bulge on the coppery inside of the outer magnet housing. Anyone seen this before?
I thought it was regular corrosion friction but wound up taking it completely apart and it is clean. But running tip of pinky on the inside makes it obvious there’s a bulge on the coppery inside. Internal expansive corrosion? A bit difficult to photograph…

Do replacement kits exist for the Trident motors?

Motor replacement kits were available. I suggest you contact support now at after the merger.

I believe they have a 1 year warranty from ship date. If you have the Gen 1 motors and you’re within the 1 year warranty period, you might consider requesting the upgrade kit with all 3 motors.

I wasn’t able to find the Store on

OK, contacted support@ and they’re sending a motor replacement kit. Yay!

update: got ROV3004 motor replacement kit (thanks support@!) and we’re all good again.

Easy install. Not sure how much those kits go for but I’d consider packing a spare one to not miss out on footage.

Good to hear your new motors are working well. I have the replacement kit but am still using my gen one motors.

I have been using a product called Corrosion X since I first got the unit and my motors spin really easy without any troubles. I usually give them a spray of this stuff every 5th dive or so.

I make sure the motors are dry before I spray them and then run the motors at high speed to evenly spread the stuff around. For the back motors I spray into the opposite side of the motors from the axles while spinning the motors and holding trident vertical. This way the stuff goes down into the magnets and everything. For the center thruster I fill up the prop with trident upside down and then spin the motor. After I let the excess drain out and then let it dry overnight. Seems to work.

I’m looking into stuffing the motors with dielectric grease before running them; has anyone tried this already?