Trident vertical dive and ascent?



I will be diving my Trident off a boat in approx 60m of water.
What is the best way descend and ascend vertically (or as close to this as possible)?

I have tried tilting down as far as it can go and giving it some throttle, which causes it to spiral down? Is this supposed to happen, or am I accidentally turning to one side or the other? This twists the tether, and leaves me very disorientated! :upside_down_face:

Any advice / experiences from those who dive in deeper water would be appreciated.

Thank you



Same trouble, make note of your compass heading before you dive. Dicing straight down is difficult. Last time I tried the clump weight I found it easiest to slowly let the clump weight drag the Trident to depth, when I felt the clump weight hit bottom, I would reel it back in 10’ so the weight isn’t dragging on the bottom. This was for a 70m dive. Then drive the Trident from there, worked pretty well.



I don’t know if you’ve seen Eric’s post about what they’re working on to dive vertical :

If it tends to spiral on a vertical dive, what thruster inputs could you use to prevent spiraling?

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I’ve tilted mine pointing downward and was able to do a dive down quickly with no issue of spiraling. What are you is using for the controller? I’m using the JXD controller.



I’ve got an upcoming dive in silty water going down about 180’ too and I’ve been wondering how to handle getting to depth. Right now I think I’m going to try lowering the Trident on a downrigger with a trolling clip so that I can (perhaps) disconnect at depth. I’m going to try leaving some tether at the end so that I can explore a bit in a controlled radius. If anyone has experience I’m all ears!

On the disorientation aspect, I think it would be really good if OpenROV could implement a way to synchronize the Trident ‘heading’ do the display in a future update. Being able to push a button to make the bow of the mothership or another landmark/rangemark ‘heads up’ would help a lot. I’d love to be able to make my display, Trident, and vessel all agree on a heading. My brain has trouble when the trident is heading one way, the display is at another angle, and the mothership is heading another. I rotate myself to match the Trident but it still gets awkward.



I’m using a tablet, but have a JXD on the way.
Good to know it can dive straight downward, just need to practice my piloting skills!



I recently did a 250’ 20 minute Trident dive in silty water. I attached the Trident’s tether to my boat’s downrigger with a few loops of the tether through a tensionable downrigger release as you would use for salmon fishing. I then lowered the downrigger ball and Trident until it reached the bottom. 250 feet went by pretty quickly. I’d pretensioned the downrigger release and a sharp tug on the tether along with a burst of the thrusters broker the Trident loose from the clip. I was then able to explore at depth with some ease:

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