Trident Under the Foss


Two sunken boats off downtown Tacoma. The first looks like an old wooden sailboat about 27’ or so. The second is a steel trawler of some sort in the 30-40’ range I think. The rock crabs like it. It is fun getting to know the Trident. I can’t wait for the ability to dive straight down or come straight up. Stabilization will go a long way to improving navigation (and video quality). I’m still learning to pilot. Right now I porpoise too much!


This is fantastic! Any knowledge on the story of these ships?

… also, love the soundtrack :slight_smile:


Nice job, I live just south of Tacoma on Anderson Island. Let me know if you want to talk and share ideas. As you probably guessed, I have an ROV too.


Great work. I have also been learning to pilot better as well. Hope to drive as well as Charles from OpenROV one day. I am also interested in various control loop approaches using the Trident data bus (DDS).


I love old Pink Floyd and Echoes seemed appropriate!


Hi gclamb & Jim_Trezzo. I’m just north of you on Day Island and I often anchor in Oro Bay when I’m out cruising around. We should get a Puget Sound group together and maybe meet up in Tacoma sometime. I’ve got a pair of power catamarans that make really good platforms for exploring beneath the Sound with the Trident.


I actually have a 2.8 ROV with all options (including a homemade grabber) but without the better camera you have, and, yes, I built it myself from the kit. I only have a 16’ pontoon boat for the lakes here and launch off the island (300 foot tether). My pontoon is small, solar, motorized, or pedal power so I don’t do the sound. I work for Boeing as a engineer and am close to retiring.

You are very close, I was looking at homes on Days Island before we bought on Anderson Island.