Trident "tilt lock"


I was wondering if it may be possible to incorporate into the Cockpit app a way to lock the pitch of Trident to 45 degree up or down? It would be great to have this capability for doing inspection work either above or below. The “tilt lock” function would allow you to still control the yaw and directional movement.


Wouldn’t this be risky ? You take the risk run with full power iinto the ground !


I was envisioning using the software and onboard IMU to hold the vehicle pitch at a given angle steadily so that you could line up a shot either above or below you. The amount of thrust you apply during this time is totally controllable.


Maybe another way to do discovery is to add a GoPro camera at the desired angle?


You’d be sucking down battery. You’re asking for active pitch control and the thruster and ballast config isn’t really set up for it. It would be better to either have a motorized camera payload or add ballast weight forward the CG such that static pose sits at the desired angle. Though, the added ballast would need to be compensated aft or you’d just be ditching the rov into the mud.


Good points made on hurdles to overcome with this idea. My next idea is to mount a 360 cam on the front. Looking at the insta360 one x now and it shows promising results.