Trident thrusters


Just saw a few photos of Trident and noticed that port and starboard thrusters are covered? Are these covers waterproof and thrusters kept dry?


Hey @margusnurme91,

The covers are just cowlings that keep the system hydrodynamic and those cavities flood during operation. We’ve designed vent holes into the system which allow air to escape (and water to drain) quickly at the beginning and end of a dive.



Thanks for clarifying!


So trident interior is not empty? From the outside can not see the hole?


Does the Trident use the same DTS 700 motors? If so, what do you do to protect them.
If not, will you be selling your new motors or let us know what they are?


Trident does not use the DST-700 motors.


Found this information:

May you clarify which exact motors (datasheet) your are using?

I would guess some BLDC motors (PMSM). Are they sealed with epoxy?

Moreover, may you tell me as well what bearings you are using?

Will you make those motors available as parts for DIY in future ?

Thanks a lot for sharing.



I put Blue Robotics M100 motors and propellers in my OROV2.8.

My build log for the conversion to the M100 motors can be found here.




Thx for sharing.
I already had a close look on M100/M200 motors, right now I would choose those.
But, I am still investigating magnetic coupling, not sure if it is worse the hassle.

All magnetic coupling ROV Thurster [1][2] I found are cost prohibitive.
Please share should you be aware of other ?

I could build my own, I have an aluminum housing already available. Which is part of the old ROV ( Bleeper Pro -> I am refurbishing within my Bachelor Thesis. Please see attached picture.


Have you build any magnetic coupled thrusters yourself?




I like the BR M100/200 motors and Thrusters because they meet my KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) requirements.