Trident Tether VS OpenROV Tether


Hello everyone,

I am wondering if the tether on the Trident is the same as the one on the OpenROV, or if there is any way I could use my old OpenROV tether for the Trident (if I decide to cut one of my trident tether for the connector). I’ve got 300-400 m of tether that we use to inspect underwater pipes, tanks and what not. However, I noticed that the Trident connector seems to have 3 connections, so I suppose there are 3 wires in the tether, but there are only 2 in the OpenROV’s… Was someone brave enough to cut open one of his/her Trident tether?

If the tether are not compatible, I would like to know where to find some compatible tether, because our applications often require more than 100m of tether.

Thank you,


Hey @samuel.lambert- The tether itself is the same as what we’ve sold for the kits, and the only two of the three pins of the connector are attached to the (two) wires inside the tether. The third pin is used for charging when that connector is attached.

The challenge you’d face with a longer tether (over about 120m) is that not enough current would be able to make up the tether to power the topside. For longer tether lengths, one would need to provide external power to the topside. Doing that requires a bit of technical know-how, and we haven’t yet organized that information in a way that’s easy to describe here. If you’d like, send me a privet message and we can arrange a Skype call or something to talk details.

Sounds like a cool application!