Trident Tether Connection Issue


I’m having trouble with one of my 100m reels. When I try to connect it to one of my Trident, nothing happens. The Trident itself does not start and there is no light on the topside. I checked the following:

  • I tried both my Tridents with another reel and it works perfectly
  • I verified the wires with a multimeter plugged at both ends and the current passes in two of the 3 connectors (I think 1 is only used for charging)

I wanted to know if someone already experienced this issue before and if so, how I can solve it.

Thank you!

G’day samuel.lambert,

I have not yet experienced the issue you describe.

My first thought would be to check that the little round magnet is still secured on the underside of the tether connector you are connecting to Trident on the reel that you are having trouble with and that it is not damaged or missing. If your Trident is adequately charged then it should start up and flash its lights when you hold a magnet in the right location at the tether connector even without a tether being connected.

Since the tether uses a two wire connection you will only get continuity between two out of the three contacts. I have been led to believe the charger connector uses the other contact to inject 12.6vdc into the batteries.

I hope this helps.

It is indeed the magnets that are missing! Is there somewhere that i can find this size of magnet?

Aside from the generic response of “look on the internet for a box of 1000 of them from China”, I wouldn’t know where to begin…

As a tinkerer I would look for a small magnet in one of my boxes of things or I would cut a bigger magnet to approximately the right size if I couldn’t find a small one. I would test the magnet to make sure it worked (you don’t need a strong magnet) and I would then coat it in epoxy (magnets do not last long in water). I would then cast it into an epoxy mould to create the right size and shape magnet to fit snugly into the tether connector.

Alternatively, ask the guys at Sofar if they can provide you with a replacement.