Trident still ordered but new visa card - procedure to update the payment?


Hello everybody, sunday 02 april 2017 03h05 PM

I have still ordered for a Trident, but I have a new visa card. What would be the procedure to update the payment through Paypal ?

And when did you expect to ship mine ? I am very excited to get it :boom:, I have a 2.8 which works very well.

Thank you


Hi Herve!

Nice to hear from you again.

For Trident pre-orders, we are only processing payment via credit card, for pre-orders placed on our on our website.

I’ve re-sent a confirmation email for your pre-order to your inbox- from the email there should be a link that allows you to modify / update your order info, including credit card and shipping address.

Hope that answers your question! Let me know if I can help further, or just email me at


Nima Torabi
OpenROV Support