Trident Stainless Ballast Weight



I was just packing my Trident up and going over it for a trip away for a couple of weeks and I noticed that one of the Ballast weights has been lost

(In hindsight at the end of the last dive with the unit it became very difficult to pilot and I didn’t think too much about it and just washed the unit and packed it away)

A couple of things for a quick and dirty get out of jail does anyone know the weight of the ballasts so I can dummy one up out of washers or lead

For a final answer is OpenRov looking to add these to their store @Support @nicole.guintu

Scott _W


Oh no! The weight of each of the trim weights is 47g.


Thanks Brian:+1:

Off to the Stainless Steel shop to pick up a few washers


OK so I grabbed 5 larger stainless washers (sorry didn’t get the size but a couple of mm smaller than the OpenROV weight) which weighed 42 grams

I also then got 2 M3 washers (which with the weight of the larger washers added up to 46 grams)

I then applied some electrical tape to the base sheet (so the epoxy would not stick to the base and made an “epxoy dam” the same diameter as the original OpenROV weight (hard to see about 1-2mm clearance all the way around the washers

I then flood filled the whole lot (center and sides) to have it act as a single mass and let it 3/4 set (set but slightly still tacky) and removed the “dam” and the weight from the base (the electrical tape pulled off easily from the epoxy)

I then drilled a 3mm hole through the tacky epoxy for the button head M3 and added the 2 3mm washers and again made and epoxy dam and again flood filled with epoxy to set the button head M3 and the 2 off 3mm washers

I still have to trim and clean off some of the epoxy but it now screws onto the unit basically like the original

I am not concerned about the wight of the “excess” epoxy in the center of the washers as the density of epoxy is approx 1.2 which isn’t that greatly different from water

Thanks for the Help @Brian_Grau



This is looking great! You got this done so fast! Looking forward to hearing how it works in the field.