Trident Software update in progress


After connecting to the trident, the GUI showed that an update was available. After making sure the trident and controller were fully charged, I selected to update the trident. I confirm the controller is connected to the trident (it shows the view from the trident camera).
The screen changes to “Trident Software Update in progress”, an animated download arrow, a iconic trident and “Update state: DISCONNECTED”
The progress bar does not change… so not sure something is happening. Is this normal?
Should I just just be patient?



Update: after closing (not minimizing) the cockpit app and relauching the app, the maintenance interface now shows that the Trident is up-to-date (version 719eb7)…
Wierd behaviour



I haven’t had my Trident out in awhile. Is there a new software version? If so, what are the enhancements?