Trident Shipment


Good afternoon Tuesday, August 29st, 2017

When do you expect to start to shipment of the Trident Rov ?
I thought it was planned at the end of June or July, and nothing appears at the end of this month August !

Do you have any schedule about that ? Thank you.
Best regards


Hopefully we will get an update including delivery forcast within the next few days of September. Hoping Eric and co will be a bit more specific on when they hope to start shipping to those very early kickstarters and other people ordered back in 2016 and early 2017! Can’t wait to get my hands on my Trident!


Waiting in excitement myself! Ordered mine a little over a year ago.


I feel you, bro I am excited too from the day I made a purchase of Trident.


Just received another update today. They said by February. I can’t wait, but I appreciate them taking time to make things work correctly.