Trident - Sensors?



Hi all,
I’m new here and on the verge of pressing the Trident buy button. I am very excited about seeing such a capable rov at this price point but it’s killing me to know a bit more about it. I have been reading as much as I can find on the Trident and I know the design is still fluid, but I would really like to know what sensors will most likely be included. Obviously I am not looking to hold you to anything as I know everything is not finalized, but what would be your best guess? So far I’ve gathered that there will be an HD camera with lighting and a GPS on the float, but what about any of the following:

I also believe I read somewhere the onboard computer will likely be a raspberry pi, is that correct?

Thanks in advance to any info you offer and keep up the great work!!!



I’m pretty sure the trident will have an IMU and depth sensor. The float will probably have WiFi too. The onboard computer in the 2.8 ROV is a beagle bone black, but I have no idea if they will stay with that config or switch to the RPi. There are some people running the software on the Pi, but it’s not officially supported and usually involves building a custom image. There is a payload option being developed for the trident, so it’s likely that anything not included as standard could be added later. I’m pretty sure a go-pro mount will be included on the payload list too.


IMU was the 1st Question I asked as well

So should have heading depth roll/pitch yawl and it can give an inferred temperature though sensor


Great, I was hoping it would have an imu and the depth sensor is a definite bonus! Thanks for the info!