Trident rip-off?


Is it just me, or does it seem like someone is copying the Trident design and web page?

They have even made the logo in the same style as the OpenROV logo (divided into two colors).
And judging by the pictures on their web page, it is the same team that made this diving X-box:


Not the first Chinese ROV I’ve seen. Fund at your own risk, I’ve seen plenty of Chinese drone companies like this take your money and then go belly up.

My advice: Any buyer should do their own research before they make a big investment such as an ROV or other marine equipment. I have zero trust in anything made by China. They have no original ideas and industrial espionage and ripping people off is very real.


No, I have seen a few Chinese ROVs too, and I don’t mind that. But what I do mind is when someone apparently steals design from others, and not only the design of the ROV, but also copies the web page AND the logo style. At least they could have the decency to say that “Hey, we got the inspiration to build our ROV from the Trident and the OpenROV team.”


Other people do with the trident what is the difference? What do you think about?


I’m not really sure about what you mean with “Other people do with the trident”. But if you mean that other people make ROVs/underwater drones, then yes they do. But I haven’t seen any other ROV that has been designed the same way like the Trident.

If you look at this image, you can clearly see that they have copied the logo style (half logo blue, half logo black, and with a white symbol in the O), the have copied the design of the Trident, but they call their ROV “Poseidon” instead.

They have also copied parts of the old OpenROV web page, as you also can see in the picture I post here:


Yes, I strongly condemned such behavior, I went to understand their situation.


I was surf on I find look like ,BR material sales by ROVMAKER.CN who have a same platform as OpenRov I believe is a opensource platform , is hard find contribution, personally I have Bad experience buying Chinese.


What do you think of this project?


Yep, definitely ripped of Jimmy’s design as well as a BlueROV2. Don’t these guys have any original thought?