Trident power level adjustments

If anyone has struggled with this I wanted to share how to make power level adjustments. I have found that making small adjustments to power levels, especially thrust, can really make getting the shots you want easier. Sometimes I use higher values for when there is more current to contend with or lower if I’m trying to do capture macro shots.

  1. In the Cockpit app go to Settings
  2. Tap the word “SETTINGS” in the menu title 10 times very fast. This will unlock the Experimental Options.
  3. Go into that submenu and click “Developer Mode”. The password for this mode is “OpenAdventure”
  4. After unlocking developer mode, go to the “Controls Menu” and the power level adjustments will be at the very bottom.
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I just wanted to post an update to this. I installed the new version of the Cockpit app (1.6.0) and my power levels from my previous app install held! I also didn’t have to go through the process to unlock these settings either. Way to go OpenROV on making upgrading the app easier! The Trident firmware update went fast and smooth as well. One thing I did a bit different than the instructions for upgrading were that I upgraded Trident using the old app first. I then went and updated the Cockpit app after that completed. I had noticed a few posts that people were having some trouble updating so I decided to do it this way figuring that if the current app is working fine I’ll use it to update.

Thank you for this information. I have tried to follow your «procedure» on my 1.6.0 App, but on my first touch on «settings» it moves to the menu, but there are only 4 options:

Trident video setting
Data privacy

I would very much like to adjust speed speed on the two highest speed modes! Hoping that you or somebody in the Sofar support team can elaborate on this issue of speed!

You missed from balder.matt :
Tap the word “SETTINGS” in the menu title 10 times very fast. This will unlock the Experimental Options.

“SETTINGS” is at the top left of the screen. You should see something about “Experiments”

Got it! Have done some adjustments, but not been able to test it out yet! Poor weather forcast for the next week on the Western Coast of Norway. Have though access to a lobster park with roof & walls suitable for testing in shallow water.