Trident Post Dive Cleaning and Storage


Hi, What will be required cleaning and storage procedure post dive for Trident?
Will motors need same procedure as 2 series?
If used, will there be need/ability to pull apart and lubricate o-rings?
O-rings need to move to work, over time deposits may cause issues. A good soak in fresh water for those of us using in saltwater will be needed but may not completely remove issue of crystal deposits/sand forming at o-rings.
Will we be able/need to have silica-gel in housing. Some locations maybe humid during setup and cooler water than air temperature can cause condensation over time.
Thanks Kevin


I have the same concern as I will regularely not use the Trident during serveral months.


No answer ?

I am still convinced that the sealing the Trident is a bad solution. Future will show us (and you).

I hope that we will see the terms of the guarantee before paiement. In this context, don’t forget that Europe has special guarantee requierements.