Trident Pilot's Group on Facebook


Lets try to keep politics out of this! :wink: Facebook will be a smart idea for openrov since people can get information easyer, and then consider buying an rov. Ofcourse for R&D forums are great! But for sparing videos and asking guick and easy questions Facebook is king! I think the majority of the owners will be at å novice level, and then Facebook will be easyer and more familiar!


Except, you will miss input from all the people who believe their privacy and data, and everything about them , simply cannot be entrusted to the likes of Facebook. It is a company that has repeatedly shown that they have not protected our data and allowed the theft of at least one American election, the one for president. It then seems very important that OpenRov Trident maintain redundant methods to assure that whatever appears on Facebook also appears elsewhere. Facebook has repeatedly failed to protect peoples privacy and data, and allowed personality profiles to be developed regarding people’s hates and fears, so that unscrupulous actors and a foreign government could steal our presidential election.

Bill Katakis


Facebook is one of the final bastions of the old and irrelevant. Let them rot there. Spare the excuses - don’t put control of YOUR brand and stage into the hands of an advertiser who only wants to lock your exposure and profile your customers…


Or keep it on both for the people who just dont care if Facebook steals my photo of the spagetti i eat:p
I just dont think for a second that you will get the majority to come to å forum vs Facebook! Unless ofcourse the majority stops using Facebook! But i dont se that happening either!


I like the Facebook approach, it give me instant access and ideals that people have had. I can voice my problem and it will be replayed by who ever available.

Take the instant of lighting that I voice out and there were so many responses that I received.

This should be the right platforms.


For us more hip nerds. I vote

It is voice and chat, and all content is indexed…


I agree with Clive 100%



Ok, estarei no Facebook