Trident Pilot's Group on Facebook


Hello all,

We have been inspired by all the cool things that people are already doing with Trident. This inspiration shouldn’t be just for us, though. It should be for everyone!

To this end we’re creating a Trident Pilot’s Group on Facebook that is open to all Trident users. Follow this link to join up The goal of this group would be to share experiences, to teach and learn techniques, and to get excited about using the Trident Underwater Drone. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please feel free to join up and share your part of the future of underwater exploration.

Hope to see you there!


#DeleteFacebook. So many better options for connecting with your community. Consider reddit please.


Please consider using the .io forum community. Not everyone uses Facebook.



Strongly agreed — DELETE FACEBOOK!

I would humbly suggest .io or Reddit if you want a truly inclusive and open community. :slight_smile:


I’m down for that! Do you guys have some examples of tools, products, whatever that has a really good community reddit page? It would be great to see some to get an idea of what’s needed to do it right. I’ve got a bunch of experience with Meetup and Facebook so I’m comfortable there but typcially just a browser and not a poster on reddit.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and hopefully we can get this set up in addition!


ill use facebook, its not that bad if you got good friends, im not on reddit but will take a look, are the tridents available for sale right now


Thanks Zack,

I am happy to participate in any OpenROV Trident on-line community no matter where it is hosted. Facebook is as good a place as any.

If members of our community have valid concerns about Facebook (as one example) or about any of the other channels then perhaps we should concentrate on this forum as the central place to meet and share ideas until we work out where most of us would like to congregate. It would be a shame to exclude anyone based on their inability (or choice not) to access one channel or another. I would like to think we could take advantage of any (and all) other channels whilst they are available but my only concern would be the duplication of effort in maintaining these different channels and the likelihood of confusion created by inconsistencies across them.

Kind regards



I think we’re better served as a community by focusing on this forum instead of diluting to Facebook, Reddit, or whatever else. Facebook content is not indexed or surfaced by other search engines.

What problem is Facebook the solution to?



Go for a forum if people want, but keep Facebook as main forum. Facebook is where people go! The trident is made to be mainstream and for everyone right? Oldschool forums doesnt seem to give the same exposure as face does!

-------- Opprinnelig melding --------


It might be surprising but in many countries FB is not a favored social network. Also - social networks aren’t indexed by search engines.



Personally, while I agree that for some the use of Facebook is not the preferred social media platform but it is still widely used

I do not see why there cannot be multiple platforms used and people can use which and how many they like.

I belong to several groups which cross pollinate.

Whichever one is chosen I will be there (already applied for fb) and will read and post as often as I can once I have received my ROV



Yes, but if we are talking about kind of “official” group - FB as well as any other platform except web-forum is a bad idea.
The most big communities (watches, boating, etc.) over the web are based on web-forum platform. And I don’t think the only reason for it is that its members are oldschool :slight_smile:


i would be happy to be part of a forum only website, i will join no matter what the platform,


Very interesting stuff here…

I think the “official word” from the company / core team at OpenROV is that we will go wherever there are people willing to talk / share about this sort of thing so it sounds like the most likely thing will be do have a combined approach where we are in a few places. Provisionally, let’s start with what we have, the forum and the new FB group–there’s been a good response for users who are already there.

The folks over on the OpenROV support / community management side of things should basically act as the bridge between all the different properties (forum, FaceBook, and any additional property areas). Making sure that really good content or expeditions or interesting stuff get’s cross posted. It’s true that some platforms may be better at some things for example sharing video seems to happen more naturally on Facebook while posting plans for modules / accessories and such seems to fit better here on the forum.

I really appreciate the candor in this topic. I agree that we should make sure not to exclude anybody nor should we encourage people to move where they don’t want to go. I’ve pretty much drank all the kool-aid so I’m going to be everywhere. Also, I’m going to look into some other platforms to see what might make sense to bring up in parallel–so thanks for that idea!

Lastly, if anybody is enthusiastic about being an admin or moderator either here or anywhere please send me a quick note with what you have in mind.


Facebook is necessary, it would be a mistake not to have a presence on there. It so happens the Trident is the ideal product for Facebook and I would not be surprised if they build a big following. Which is great, the more people that buy these the better Openrov does and better accessories we get. The videos will also help build much need appreciation for our oceans. Facebook is a part of any successful business and should be one of many aspects of their online presence. Most businesses use Facebook to point to more in-depth information and not a end all be all solution. If you like other platforms, create your own group and ask someone from Openrov to help moderate.


Facebook was an crucial tool for Russians to elect a long time Putin asset to the presidency of the U.S. A highly paid soviet operative now runs our country. He received 1-2 billion dollars in Putin, oligarch, organized crime money via selling his properties to Russians at highly inflated prices. Without Facebook’s continuous deceptions about who it gives/sells your data to, the Russians wouldn’t have had the Facebook platform to present false news stories that targeted people by their hates and fears. Facebook gave them the personality profiles on millions of Americans, and likely the same on any western democracy or Putin adversary. Perhaps , at the bottom of every post, put a statement about the treason that Facebook enabled and the fear, disruptions, and turmoil it’s caused to the people of the world.

I stopped using Facebook years ago, when I saw it was possibly headed by a sociopath.  He just continues to give away our privacy and our security, and apparently our elections.  Someone who lies because he can't stop lying.  He keeps saying he's fixed it, but he never does.

There's zero chance that he will  stop harming his users and our  elections.    



Dear All,

From a personal point of view Facebook is about as untrustworthy as it
is possible to imagine, the company lies continually, exploits and holds
personal data for it’s own financial benefit without any respect for the
‘contract’ with them that you have or the individual opt-outs and
privacy settings you think you have enabled. Just look at today’s latest
data breach - 90 million accounts. I will never use facebook…ever.

The OpenROV forum is the perfect (and focused) place for a very
specialised band of users/enthusiasts with extremely valuable resources
easily available. It is also that place for the team at OpenROV to stay
on top of ideas, proposals and feedback without wasting time on fb.

Well those are my thoughts -free and worth every penny.

Global Maritime Casualty Consultant (we are extremely successful
without any social media presence)


The Trident is targeted to the general public and as a recreation product. The amazing videos it produces will go viral. Facebook has all that covered. Ask the Russians how well it works.

The premise of sharing tips etc is also important for new and potential users. The Trident requires more user engagement than a typical recreation product in its price range (nice rod and reel, Ebike,etc.) If users do not have easy access to the needed education for an enjoyable experience then it won’t get used and will get bad reviews. For example, Openrov creates a good orientation video and puts it up on YouTube. Then, the YouTube link is shared on the Facebook page. Both pages have links to more in depth forums and the store. If someone post a cool video or tip in one of the forums, it can be shared on Facebook.

While on the subject…I’m still waiting to be approved for the group. Could you please approve me? My Facebook name is Coop Deville.


Sure it’s a good way to share and inform, what I advocate for is a header on our Facebook page condemning Facebook for attacking our personal privacy, national security, personal security, our own human rights, and the horror that’s happened since he helped steal our presidential and likely many other elections. And the fallout of that betrayals, like destroying alliances with allies. For instance, we could make an animaed gif of Zuckerberg having his face rubbed in a cow pie, another of him behind bars with his new boyfriend, another showing Fed Ex trucks delivering Facebooks wealth to all the people that it betrayed. A lot can be said with an animated gif.


Thanks again Zack,

I appreciate your help and in particular I appreciate you promoting what we do and I appreciate you creating a means to communicate using the tools and resources you have available. I for one need as much help as I can get.

Let’s not forget we also have access to the OpenExplorer platform…and more importantly…to the real world to meet up in.

Can we all agree to focus on Trident (the awesome ROV that is, the one that can be used to fight off negativity…and not the missile system).

Let’s also acknowledge that with a little bit of care and some basic practices we can all maintain an appropriate level of privacy and avoid the risks associated with using the internet.

Kind regards