Trident payload standardized battery module


Hi guys!

As David says in this video (, you already have a standardized battery module for the Trident, so you can connect different payloads and communicate with them. Is this correct?

Do you have some photos of that module so we can see how it looks, what ports it has etc. I would like to start planning how to build different payloads, and then it would be good to get a good idea of how to do it in the best way possible.

I know that you are very very busy with getting the Trident finalized and ready to deliver and are focusing on that right now (and I am still very excited to get mine), but I am still very interested to know if you already have any plans for a Trident 2? :smiley:

And if so, what are your reasonable goals with that version? 2-300 meters depth, 4K camera, 5 hours battery and a gripper claw as standard would be nice :wink:

Also hope to get some more info about the Trident deliver soon!


As you know we are extremely busy getting Trident finalized and to you as soon as we can!

One of our interns last year started a generic payload module that was mentioned in that video. You can see his work on this forum post.

We all have so many ideas for products that we want to pursue in the future (everything you mentioned comes up pretty much on a daily basis). We have to remind ourself ever day that we have to take this one step at a time, and step one is getting Trident in your hands so you can start exploring.

We will continue updating you as we have more information to share about the production and shipping schedule :slight_smile:


Hi Brian!

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I know that you guys are busy with the Trident, and I am 100% confident that you are doing a great job with it :slight_smile:

I totally missed that forum post with your intern, but it looks really good!

It sounds great that you have many ideas for other products, but that you are focusing on getting the Trident ready. Because I think that most people like me that has ordered it, would be willing to give their left hands in order to get it right now :smiley:

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