Trident payload capacity and connectivity

What is the payload capacity for adding external components?

  • Has anyone attached a sonar transducer as payload? If so, are you able to link it to the Trident and view the feed on the controller? We will be filming fish pre-spawning behavior in the afternoon and evening, for which the normal camera feature is perfect. We will also be tracking fish as they move offshore to spawn at night, and want to observe their spawning behavior. We can’t use lights to film at night, it will spook the fish. So we want to test the use of sonar to observe the spawning behavior. If we mount a Wifi enabled sonar transducer to the Trident, would be be possible to connect this to the Trident and view the feed on the controller? If not, has anyone attached a payload and run a second wire, along the tether, to a topside unit to view video?

  • I noticed in the Trident crowdfunding efforts they reported working on Wifi connections to external payloads (e.g., GoPro), but there is nothing in the Trident manual about this, and nothing about this with Trident in the forum.