Trident/ OpenROV HD Pro camera


I’m a current owner of a OpenROV 2.8 build and a soon to be owner of a Trident ROV. I have been interested in the HD Pro Camera upgrade for the OpenROV 2.8 but it has been unavailable for some time now. While I wait for my Trident I would like to complete the upgrade of my 2.8 to the new camera.

On the forums I have seen the added functionality that was provided for the HD Pro camera upgrade but unfortunately the same developments for the standard camera have been rather stagnated.

Can you share the model of the camera that you are using for the 2.8 and the Trident and a possible third party source of the USB module?

I can make the required PCB to house the new camera in my mini-mill that I use to make PCBs so I only need the camera module.

From what I can find online it seems that the Pro upgrade camera is the same camera used in the Amazon Web Services “Deeplens” AI developers kit which uses a GEO Semiconductor imager with H.264 builtin compression. Looking at the different imagers available at GEO it looks like the GC6500 may be the underlying imager that is being used.

Can you elaborate on what camera is being used in the hopes that I and others can obtain the camera from another source since the OpenROV store seems to not stock the camera any longer?


Has anyone successfully used theBlueROV Low Light HD Camera in the OpenROV 2.8 or earlier?

If so, what was involved besides the required physical modifications to mount the camera? Additional drivers?




This is something I would also wants to know… Keep us updated please.


hello i use a Logitech c910 ,b910 ,c920 modification, with a Gopro lens
in this case i use a
c910 web camera
old genius camera lens base
Gopro lens or similar

here some pictures

teardown c910

on Logitech module remove lens

remove genius lens base

install genius base and gopro lens on logitech module. “note” mounting holes is little off , screws fit ok

cut the black plastic and assemble, also you need to cut the usb cable and adjust the lens

also you can add the corrective lens as the HD Pro camera