Trident News - Discontinued Production

I will say that the team at OpenROV were GREAT at supporting the early products and kits. Things seemed to change when Trident came along and this is just another change…


The battery in the Trident is presumably a constraint on Trident longevity. As it stands now, an owner is obliged to rely on SOFAR for its replacement. Hopefully SOFAR can share some of the details to give the community at least a good shot at addressing anticipated maintenance challenges in the absence of company support.

Yeah, this is one of my main concerns with longtime use of my trident. I don’t look forward to trying to replace the battery…

As an individual who owns a Trident, and cannot afford to purchase a different ROV (equivalent priced ones don’t seem to offer any reliable support, and others are much more expensive), I am very concerned that going forward there won’t be any available support/repairs, as it effectively means my access to an ROV for exploring and conservation in my local area is limited to how long my Trident lasts before it develops a fault of some kind.

This is very sad, having been so excited at the opportunities for exploration this device provided, this may for me effectively come to an end. :frowning:

I am more than happy to pay for repairs as and when needed - are there any companies out there who could provide such a service so I can see a future for my Trident?

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Hi Tim,

All I know is that SoFar will continue support for 1 yr. Mission Robotics may be able to help. They are working on ROS2 software to place the current software. There is/will be support for that, but not sure about the hardware after next year.

Don’t lose hope, there’s a good many people who want this to continue. If anything, someone else will come up with a new one.



I’m hoping to get my new motors as promised so I can continue to teach our underserved kids about the exploration of using ROVs, Trident has been one hell of product for our students here in NYC but we still need the motors to continue our STEAM drive on

Hi Tony,

For a start, check @r_wolf’s recent post. You can pull the brass covering out. You’ll rip it apart doing so, but what happens is that over time water gets between the magnets and the brass and corrosion builds and the brass locks tight against the wire winding. To continue to use the motors, you need to remove the brass cover and remove the corrosion on the magnets. Then coat the magnets and coil in wd-40 or dielectric grease, etc and reassemble.

TO continue to use the Trident, you’ll need to be able to maintain it on your own unless Mission Robotics or someone else will help with the hardware. I certainly will be using my Tridents until I either lose them in a wreck and can’t recover them, or they completely fall apart and are in pieces, irreparable, lol. Perhaps it’s time to start a maintenance vid series…

I’ll post a vid in the next day or so about it.




Hi everyone,

Yes this sounds a bit like bad news but Trident remains an amazing ROV.

With some help from Mission Robotics and the rest of the community, I am expecting to operate mine for many years to come and I will be helping others to do the same. I am excited to think that Mission Robotics might soon be able to expand the capabilities of Trident. I am sure we will be able to source the spare parts that we need and then develop ways to overcome any other issues that may arise. This is the start of a new adventure…

I have also just posted a bit of information about how I service the motors on my own Tridents (to help prevent the need for more serious repairs like the removal of the magnet coverings as already mentioned). I can complete this preventative maintenance in a couple of minutes and it helps me keep the motors in top working order. Please note that this method works for me and it appears to be very effective however it is not endorsed by Sofar so be careful to consider your own circumstances before giving it a try.

Take a look at the new selfie stick that I have just completed (I have already made three of these and I have enough materials/components to make two more).

Also, here is a photo of corrosion in some other brushless DC motors that I operate to help demonstrate the quality of the Trident motors and to help put it into perspective. Fortunately, I have worked out how to prevent and remedy the corrosion in these motors as well. The ocean and electronics are never good friends!


Are these forums still active regarding Trident repair ? SoFar no longer has any replacement motor kits. Are there any available alternatives ? Trying to determine what the next course of action should be. I’m a tour operator and diver here in Homer, Alaska.

Depends on what you mean by active…LOL. I think a good portion of the community is attentive to the forum. More activity on the BlueRov forums, but, what’s the problem? I can try to help as best I can.


G’day captaincurtjackson,

Welcome to the community and yes, there are still a few of us sharing information on this forum. I received my last replacement motor kit for one of my Tridents just last week and I am now looking at alternatives for ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacements.

I have been led to believe Sofar still have some spare motors and that these will be made available for sale as soon as the last of the warranty kits have been sent out. Beyond this, aside from diligently rinsing, drying and applying corrosion inhibitors to our motors, there are a few of us undertaking very careful maintenance and repair to motors (for example honing the inside of the rotor, replacing bearings and fixing cable connectors).

If you haven’t already looked through all the posts relating to damaged components then I suggest you allocate some time to read what others have already done and are now doing.

Please register your interest with the guys at Mission Robotics…these guys might be able to help us with any future issues.

Kind regards

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Has anyone heard what Mission Robotics has decided wrt Trident support? I haven’t noticed any updates since the November survey on their website.

Thank you for the reply Jason. I’m getting a warranty kit sent but they don’t include vertical thrusters. I will monitor closely if they have any additional motors for sale. It’s very disappointing, I’m a tour operator here in Homer, Alaska my clients love the Trident exploration trips. I have a friend that is a commercial ROV operator that is offering advice as well. I’ll be sure to pass along anything we discover.

G’day webhoppery,

I last heard they were collecting a database of operators and potential issues needing/wanting to be addressed and waiting for the Sofar support to end. I am sure they are observing this forum so we should see a response in time.

You are welcome captaincurtjackson,

I operate a similar service here in Queensland Australia and we are not alone…there are others doing the same thing. With support from Sofar and Mission Robotics and some collaboration I would like to think we will be able to continue operating our Tridents until the plastic hull biodegrades hahaha.

@webhoppery thank you for you interest. As @pforperry mentioned, we have been collecting information and also waiting to see what Sofar ends up doing with the information related to the product when they officially stop supporting it at the end of next month (June 2021).

Hello all – I believe that my charger fried my batteries; be careful.

I have an ROV from 2019. As many have experienced, the motors frequently seize and need to be replaced. SOFAR Trident is not selling replacement motors, any longer, and they ended up just shipping me a brand new ROV (only, no charger or anything) instead of new motors. I plugged the new ROV in and ~30 min later, the charge lights on the stern went off without any response from the ROV. I thought maybe it was a faulty ROV since my charger has had no issues but now it appears that my original ROV is dead after using the charger on it.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Did you ever resurrect your Tridents? Are they ded-dead?
Was it the same place you plugged in the charger everytime?

sorry to hear about it

Experienced a hull breach at only 3 meter depth and there is some minimal damage to the Trident-Mainboard V2.0. Is there anyone on the site that knows of any source for a replacement board?

Hey Jim, unrelated topic. I live in portsmouth I’ve been looking for guys around here who built ROVs. I saw your videos on YouTube around yorktown. Shoot me a email


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