Trident Maintenance and Post-Dive Checklist

Hello everyone! I am the owner of a new OpenROV Trident and have read the manual, done some looking around online and am enjoying the journey so far. Definitely making the jump to the longer tether and a handheld controller. The 25 meter length and using my Samsung phone is not ideal. But to the point of this post, maintenance and post-dive care and whatnot seems to be paramount to the life of the unit having read numerous posts about rust and corrosion with the motors. What I am doing with mine, after running it in salt water, is an immediate fresh water soak with intermittent throttle to get the fresh water flowing to all the cracks and crevices. I remove the rear motor covers, allow the unit to dry and then I spray everything down with CorrosionX (red can). I soak the tether and rinse off the topside in fresh water as well. Is this good enough or is there something else I should be doing?

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Sounds like a perfect maintenance procedure to me. I have a few things to add. I also use the corrosion x product and I found it works excellent. I do an application about every five dives or so. I also try to have the product dry throughly on the motors before getting it wet. Something I do about every 25 dives or so is use the spray tube on the can to inject some product into the bottom of the motor (axle area) while it is vertical (so product flows around the axle) and with the motors running at about one half speed. This lets some product get onto the internal part of the motor assembly.


Cool. Thanks. I’ve only taken her on three dives so far but am taking maintenance seriously especially since Bermuda’s water is very salty.