Trident macro lens idea


I have an idea to use a macro lens on Trident to get really detailed up close footage. I found this macro lens for a GoPro and was envisioning a simple underwater servo setup that would rotate it up in front of the camera and then back down as needed. It would need to have wifi functionality though and be able to communicate through Trident and up the tether. I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts.


A macro lens would be nice but be aware in underwater photography some lenses are meant to be installed dry and seal out water between the lenses, others are “wet” and can compensate for the water held there. Wet lenses might be more difficult to find but that would be what you want for that application.


Like this one, their flip frame might give you some ideas.


Thank you for the great info! I will definitely look into that product.I think something that could be flipped over the Trident camera from the side would be perfect. You could then choose to be doing macro filming when you needed it. When you’re done with that, bring it back to the surface and fold it back for regular filming. Eventually a wifi command to actuate a servo for flipping it open/close would be really cool.


Would be cool to get macro shots, not sure how much more difficult navigating with a macro lens might be, servo controlled would be awesome. Also, not sure how much fiddling would be needed to position the lens at the perfect distance from the Trident lens.