Trident in Long Term Storage not Charging

Hey All,

I realise that the support has dried up but I got a trident from my Dad who supported the kickstarter and never charged the unit. I installed the gen2 motor kit that was in the box and connected to charge the unit. The LED on the charger goes red for a moment, the headlights blink on then go off and the light goes green. I see no lights when connecting the topside unit. I can see 12.6v across two of the pins on the charge cable, but only see 0.2v if I probe the matching pins on the trident. Because there is no real detailed pinouts of the teather I am really just probing and guessing.

I do have an IMAX B6 smart charger which will give me some more verbose info on the battery but either I pop open the trident (which I am hesitant to do) or modify the charging cable to try and get it going.

For the meantime, it is sitting on the charger in the middle of the concrete in the shed overnight to see if it trickle charges


Congrats on having one of the first Tridents released. You have quite a bit to explore before you consider opening the unit, which could add many problems to your efforts.
The Trident already has sophisticated charging management built in and you should start by trying overnight with the provided charger.
It is possible that your unit is not giving you the same LED sequences as feedback that is reported in the manual, as the earlier units did not have a magnet activator in the charging tether. That issue and other good info on startup procedure is provided in this thread:

Check out Walt Holm’s discussion about 2/3 through the thread.

Good Luck,
H Pippen