Trident: For "light" commercial use?



I am in the process of looking at the possibilities of using TRIDENT as an light inspection ROV, the main task will be to inspect vessels propellers and fish net for the fish farm’s we have here and possible other types of inspection if needed.

1.I see that it has gyro’s, does that mean that it will have a mode so it can keep the ROV stabilized while slowly inspect things under water for good video?
2.The promo videos looks good, but as all promo video they look way to good. Is this actually HD video from the integrated camera or an add on like GoPro?
3. How is the live feed compared to the recorded video? With regards to delay and quality.
4. Does it have any autopilot functions? Position hold etc?

As this will only be an second income for me i do not want to invest in equipment in the 5000USD ++ classes and therefore i have been looking into this one for a while now. But it is hard to take action yet since this one is not released at the moment so reviews from actual buyers/users does not exist at this moment.


I have the Pro Camera HD-Upgrade camera that is used in the Trident and I am very impressed with the video quality and since the latest update to the the Development firmware the latency is no worse than the standard HD camera and may be better.
The Trident should have the Depth Hold and Heading Hold that is made available with the addition of the IMU/Depth Sensor Module that is available for the OROV 2.x series of ROVs. I have the IMU Module on my Hybrid ROV and it works quite well at holding the set depth.
Since GPS positioning does not work below the surface of the water it may be tough to implement Position Hold or Autopilot Functions unless some type of sonar positioning becomes available? Though OROV could put a GPS receiver in the Radio Buoy to provide GPS coordinates to the Trident.


Thank you for your interest in Trident. Video quality is one thing that we have spent a lot of time developing for Trident since this is the main quality that people care about.

As @TCIII mentioned the Pro Camera-HD that we sell for the 2-series ROV kits is the same camera that will be on Trident. This allows us to test it extensively both in house and in the hands of users and tune it before shipping Trident. Here are a couple of example videos.

This is a “Demo Reel” of the camera in one of our current 2-series ROVs. All video in it is shot on the camera that will be in Trident and is the same picture that the pilot is seeing in real time.

This is a “Demo Reel” of Trident flying. All underwater footage in this video was captured with a 2-series that has the same camera that will be in Trident. The shot above the water at the 1:20 mark was with a handheld camera.

There will be a control system with some autopilot features from the software side.

Let us know if you have additional questions.