Trident - first impressions


It is said that first impressions matter so I thought that I would record mine here. Having waited for my Trident, like many others, for the best part of two years it was exciting to know that it was finally on its way, albeit without the ordered 100m tether.
The Trident duly arrived and was unpacked from its cardboard box. Doesn’t sound very impressive but everything is well protected in polyurethane foam. The first surprise is the weight of the Trident, it is really reassuringly solid and looks very professional.
Next surprise is the plain white shell, no logos or marketing material apart from the two Open ROV stickers included in the box - surely a matter deserving of censure, particularly in view of the attractive Trident banner design - I have printed my own and applied to the vessel but it’s not quite the same as a factory product.
Third matter of concern, not so much of a surprise due to several forum comments, is that the Trident is definitely not ready to go out of the box. It is one thing that the Trident requires a firmware update before use but quite another that the operating software has to obtained via a download link which has to be requested via OpenROV support post delivery; this was all the more disappointing as I am located in Europe (GB) and California time is 8 hours behind. I have to say that Nicole from support did respond quickly and I was able to get up and running soon after but why isn’t the software link set up when the dispatch message is sent?
Moans over (Trident hasn’t even seen water yet), bench testing of the unit is most encouraging. My tablet works faultlessly as does my gamepad and Zeiss goggles, all without any re-programming or settings adjustment. The software also works well with my Android mobile, but no HDMI; touch screen control dispenses with the necessity of a gamepad with either tablet or phone although I find the gamepad experience more satisfactory.
I’ve posted a pic of my setup as detailed below:

Wireless gamepad Tronsmart G02 - Amazon £21
Teclast P80 tablet - eBay £45
Spyder RC rain protect pouch - Baitboats £19
Zeiss Cinemizer goggles (used) - eBay £175
I’m connected by wifi to the tablet, bluetooth from gamepad to tablet, HDMI from tablet to Zeiss goggles.
That’s it, more to follow after maiden voyage.


How are you getting HDMI out of the Teclast P80 tablet? I don’t see a HDMI port in the tablet specs.


Quite right, tablet is P80H which comes with micro HDMI


Thnaks for that. I have a similar tablet coming in next week. Am going to connect Avegant Glyph to the HDMI amd am ipega bluetooth controller for joysticks.


Sounds good, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the outcome. My own setup is operating pretty seamlessly so far. I concur with other comments about use in bright sunlight; I think some sort of goggles setup, however basic, is almost essential.
I’ve been able to shade my tablet within my carry bag to access the on-screen items unavailable other than via touchscreen such as screen grab for stills and the stabilise switch until I figure out how to program on to gamepad or they’re included in a forthcoming software upgrade but the goggles are the only way that I can properly see the camera feed.
As for the Trident control experience, it’s different in so many ways to the 2.8 - it doesn’t easily descend and ascend vertically like its predecessor, it seems to need to ‘drive’ down and up on an angle - at least that’s my experience so far, but it is fast when desired and very responsive. Much more practice required!


Here’s my Trident in livery, and yes, decals are waterproof!


Hi @cmcp,

I too am in the UK, I was wondering how many Trident users we would initially have this side of the Atlantic.

My own unit is scheduled for shipping at the end of this month so I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it, I’ve ordered the Trident Controller though.

I wonder if it’s worth setting up a closed Facebook group for UK Trident users, what do you think?



I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your Trident when it arrives; I’d be interested to hear how you find the JDK controller in bright conditions - do you plan to use a shade?
I’m not a Facebook user so can’t say whether there would be interest in your group suggestion; I have been a forum user for a while now and have to say that I do like the ‘open’ concept of OpenROV.


I’m sure I’ll fashion a shade of some sort, also going to buy some DJI goggles and connect them via the HDMI port from the controller.

I was wondering how to use my PlayStation wireless controller to fly Trident but still see images on the DJI goggles.

I’m only planning freshwater use, where will you be using yours?


Not sure why you’d want to use an alternative controller if you’ve purchased the JXD (excuse my earlier JDK aberration). Once your Trident arrives you may find you’ll be too busy perfecting your piloting technique to worry about much else but if you’re determined I imagine it will be possible to connect your PS4(?) controller to the JXD via Bluetooth, in which case your JXD screen output will still be sent to the goggles via the HDMI cable.
I’d say DJI goggles are worthwhile if your budget can support it. I’m sure you’ll draw many admiring glances with that setup.
I’ve already performed test dives in both sea and freshwater. My Trident seemed slightly buoyant in freshwater so I may attach a little ballast for my next freshwater foray.
Anyhow, the end of the month is imminent, delivery for me was within a week once notified of dispatch, so hopefully you won’t have long to wait - enjoy.


Has anyone here get the DJI googles to work with the JXD controller? I bought a HDMI to mini HDMI adapter, and borrowed a pair of DJI goggles from a friend. But I cant get them to connect when i choose the HDMI in option in the googles. And yes, I have enabled the “Dual screen” function in the JXD tablet also…


Tried adaptors for HDMI output. Apparently HDMI via adaptor support (MHL, Slimport / Display port) is very hit and miss in terms of what version of android in use and particular tablets hardware. Also, some adaptors need a usb power supply available which is a pain to set up in the field. Will post here again after i get my tablet with HDMI out and report if working or not. :slight_smile:


OpenRov have shown the Trident controller connected to a larger monitor so the output from the controller must work, it’s just a question of getting the signal to work as an input into DJI goggles.

I hope it works £350 on GJI goggles for them not to work would be a pain!


I finally got the HDMI port on the JXD controller to work! Because of the camera on top of the display, there is a “bulge” where the HDMI port is, and that bulge made it impossible for the a adapter to go all the way in. So it was solved by cutting away some of the plastic shell on the adapter. And I got it to work with a pair of DJI goggles that I borrowed from a fridend :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear @Peter_S What did you think of the image quality the DJI giggles provided?


The quality was great, but I think they are a bit heavy, and it might be good to have a solution where you also can see the environment around you, like with the moverio BT-300 glasses, but they are on the other hand very expensive…


Cinemizer oled from Zeiss is perfect.


Hey friends,
Sorry for the trouble, but may I ask how you people controlled the Trident via joystick?