Trident Dive Videos

Went out yesterday. The link below starts at the point a find a flat fish, and its sea star friend that sprints away despite having one short leg. :smiley:
Follow the link in the description to the next highlight, a sea slug. Yellow and frilly, and confusing.

Finally getting around to evaluating video I captured last summer on my 2.8… I was pleased to find some good footage of a Maine Lobster and hacked together a quick movie.

Pardon the roughness of my editing and captions. I’m pretty new to movie making.

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Couple more videos from Prince William Sound. Shrimp and Rockfish.


Incredible footage and videos man, I like this one the most. Just finishing the installation of the new brake kit and tis wheels and we’re off to try to get our first dive video. It must be exciting to see nice marine life like those.

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