Trident Dive Videos


The first two videos have no commentary. I used the OpenROV app to record video, which worked well, but does not add sound from the mic or video from the web cam of the JXD Trident controller.
For the third dive, I used DU Recorder. It worked well to record sound and video, but the webcam won’t work. No big deal. :smiley:


Went for another dive today.
Be warned…This footage contains a scary SHARK!
Okay. not a scary one. But still, a shark.
The link starts a second or two before the shark shows up.


Loving these!!! I really like being able to hear audio from the pilot. I hope that sometime soon we’ll get a chance to incorporate that feature as well as telemetry overlay into cockpit…


The clicking is a problem, but should be easily solved by using a Bluetooth headset or the like for voice rather than the onboard Mic.
Haven’t tried it yet though. :slight_smile:


I tried using headsets, both bluetooth and wired. Neither worked with DU recorder, which continued to use the built in mic and therefore record the loud clicks of the joysticks.
For now I will just try being more graceful with my controls. Less like a monster might be a more achievable goal. :wink:

Here are a couple pictures from the last dive:


Most of the locations have been rocky and unsuitable to setting down the tether reel. The rocks want desperately to abrade my tether. Nooooo!
So I did this:

Then I though a bigger shelf would be useful.

Then I thought about how bright and hot the sun was.

I will indeed look like an idiot. But and idiot in control of his tether and shaded from the sun!

I am heading out now to visit the chip n’ dip of the sea. I will try to get a picture of all the ridiculousness.


I have returned, un-drowned from the sea.
The first location revealed no chips in dip. only sea grass. There is nothing worth watching so I am not posting the video. What I did learn something though. The backpack set up is super-duper win with extra win on top. I was far from shore, in thigh high water, operating the rov without issue. I have no idea how I could have accomplished such a dive without the back/frontpack going on. Very happy.

Here is the video from the second nearby location. I managed to get a shot of the backpack set up at about 0:23


Just posting another dive. This time in Ladysmith, BC.


Posting another dive from this morning at the crack of dawn on my Kayak! Deepest point is on second video, about 33 meters.
There are links in the comments, I think I found a gold ring. :slight_smile: It is definitely a ring of something. :wink:

I’m pretty sure I found some more glass sponges, though they were all small. Maybe a new reef is building? I will assume so until proven otherwise!
It is this second video that has the sponges: