Trident Controls how to correct?


I have tried controlling my Trident with both my Samsung 9+ and my Samsung Tablet A and while it connects well, my controls are incorrect. The controls for moving forward, back, left and right are incorrect. Pitch works fine. When I move to turn right, it moves forward, move left and it goes backwards. Forward goes left and back goes right. How do I correct this? I could not find anyway to reset or change these settings.

Need your assistance, thanks.


Hey Robert,

Sorry for the slow reply. It’s faster if you go through but we can probably figure it out.

A few questions, what are you using to control Trident? Are you using the JXD controller through the website or a tablet or smartphone? Do the controls behave differently from the touchscreen controls?



I had the same thing happened to me. Turns out I had two “right” propellers. Check to make sure there is an L on the left one and a R stamped on the right propeller. They sent me a whole new motor and propeller.


Turns out you are right, thanks very much.


Wow…how does this happen (multiple times)? One would assume better Q/C on these ROV’s going out the door…arent they tested first?


Have the same problem with identical props L and R.