Trident Controller HDMI output



What size is the HDMI output socket on the Trident controller, is it standard or mini?

Many thanks.


It has MINI HDMI and Micro USB OTG output :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’m planning on using some DJI Goggles and they have Mini HDMI input so a Mini to Mini HDMI cable should do the job.


I think you will find the DJI Goggles have a Type-D (aka micro) HDMI input, not Type-C (aka mini). Do you know for sure what the HDMI output from the OpenROV Trident Controller is?


I have the DJI Racing edition goggles. I know for fact that you need a adapter with the goggles to the controller.
The goggles comes with a cable,

male Micro Type D (90° ) to male Standard so you need a additional adapter of a female Standard to a Male Type C Mini.
So goggles are .Type D Micro
Controller is Type C Mini


Thanks for the info., I’ve just ordered a cable with Type C at one end and Type D at the other end, so hopefully it will work :slight_smile:

Cheers, Steven