Trident Controller & Cockpit layout


I’m sorry if this has already been posted

Can someone please post up the tridents cockpit layout & controller button layout

I’m away on a Maiden dive & don’t have the paperwork for it.
If it’s been posted, feel free to delete it


I’ll be home before I get a reply :weary::weary::sleepy:
Nobody has the layout available?


Hey @hunigraphics - was just looking through the forums and saw this. Are these the pages you’re talking about? This is from our latest manual so keep in mind the configuration may eventually change.


Thanks Eric,
I’m sure others will need it when your out in the field. I appreciate the help :grinning::+1:

Lol & now I know why the virt thruster kept changing haha. It had me worried now for 3 days. Fat fingers with lights on A button.

Also a question
If I use the increase /decrease speed button. Does it increase speed in steps of each button press and the hold?
I know I could test it but my equipment is all packed & on its way home



Hey @hunigraphics- For changing speed up or down, you just tap the respective button once per step. So if you’re at the lowest throttle setting (Throttle 1) you can tap the right trigger button once to go to Throttle 2, then again if you want to go to Throttle 3. Similarly you can tap the left trigger button to decrease throttle setting by one step per time you press the button.

Happy exploring!



The best way if you fear to forget the layout …


Good idea!
Labeled my controller too!

Merci pour la super idée !