Trident control


When I ordered the trident in 2015 it was suposed to be using a Pc-controller. Is this not an option anymore? Do i need android to use the Trident?

Next question : Is it possible to use the Trident without the wireless buoy? Can it be wired directly into the controller?


I just received my Trident, and been using it for a few days now. Right now, the only way to control it, is via an android app. This app is still in it’s “baby stage” but is working quit nice. From what I have red they are working with upgrading and expanding this app with new features. They are also planing to make an app for ios, and I just saw an ad for an ios developer.

I have not seen anyting regarding a windows app, but hopefully some one from the OpenROV team can answer that.

My recommendation is to go for the JXD Singularity, then you have an all in one controller, with minimum start up challenges. You can buy this from openrov or directly from China via ebay. I bought mine from China, this is the cheper alternative, but comes with a small risk of geting a unit that is not working as it should. (According to some YouTube reviews, there have been some that has defects, hopefully they have improved on there internal controls). Mine was working as it should.
If you buy it from openrov, they have preinstalled the app, and made shoure it is working as it should.

My next step will be to connect video goggles to the JXD to eliminate the problem with sunlight on the screen. But form what I have seen so far, is that it’s important to learn to control the Trident, before you start to use video goggles. Because it take some practice to know where you Trident is…

I was also focused on using a laptop with a Bluetooth controller, but that was before I got to try it.

The JXD also can fit in the hard case.


Thanks a lot for information :slight_smile:


I confirm, the JDX (bought directly from Openrov with the Trident) is a pefect choice. The app is working fine but there is certainly a lot of room to improve it, mainly to give the possibility to register in high resolution onto the memory inside rhe Trident.
For me, the only problem is that you see nearly nothing on the screen when you are near the sea and have a bright sun. This is not a problem of the JDX and will not be diminuished by another screen. I used my anorak to cover my head and the screen in order to get a darker environment. This works but is not particularly nice when it is hot ! The best solution are probably dji or similar googles.
As the Sardinian sea in our place get deep only verry far from the coast, I used the 100 meter lenghts but went only to 2,20 meter deep. I had no problem at all with the orientation. Once you understand how works the compass indication it is pretty
An important recommendation is to clean with attention the motor compartiments. In mine I had a lot of fine sea sand. Also the salted water has to be removed carefully (not know how to do this with the central propellor ?).

Conclusion : a perfect product ! I really do not regret my investment.


Waiting for my unit and having the same issue. When I ordered it the advertised way of working was via laptop, now its only android tablet. I have only laptop and iOS devices, so basically have to wait to get a iOS app and hopefully the possibility to use my laptop. Otherwise I will have to spend another 400$ plus custom and shipping to buy an android controller, which is not my preference.
Annoying have to say. What is the timeline for iOS/laptop use?


In my opinion, having used the Trident, a computer is the worst solution. Far to large, heavy and fragil. If you do not want to buy the Openrov solution, take a non expensive android tablet. This will do a good job at a low price. The only disadvantage, based on my experience, is that you will probably be a little less precise in the guidance of the rov as you don’t have well calibrated joysticks.


Does anyone tryed to fly the Trident using an Android emulator on a Win laptop? This could be a temporary solution in the meanwhile the IOS / Windows app will be ready…


Well i always travel with my macbook pro 15" for underwater photography/videography. Never had any issue to use it on a boat. When I ordered the Trident my use case was to load video footage and pictures straight to the laptop to run photogrammetry. I anyway need the laptop when I travel, now it seems I need also another controller…


Hi guys, even my Trident safely arrived in my hands. I do not have many android devices and so I’m trying to test it with what I have now available. Well, I started with a Win laptop running different android emulators (i.e Memu, Bluestacks etc…)…it doesn’t work.
Now, I’m trying with the ZIDOO X9S (a tv box but almost a pc running android 6.0). The OpenROV app works well. The thrusters controls and compass signal works without any lag. The video feed works well but there is a lag of about 25 seconds between what the Trident see and what is shown in the tv… Any one has suggestions in order to eliminate this video lag?


I’m not completely happy with the JDX.

It’s fast, and the OpenROV Cockpit software works well. I appreciate the external gamepad controls and I think they’re easier to use than touchscreen controls would be.

My two gripes are that the screen is not very bright, and that the JDX has no internal compass.

It’s very hard to read the screen contents in sunlight.

An internal compass would make it easier to fly because I’d be able to translate the Vehicle Heading indicator to a real direction of travel and visualize that when I’m on the water.

It does the job but I think there must be better alternatives.


Hi Oddgeir!

Are you from Norway? I’m in Sweden and took your advice and bought a JXD S192k from Gearbest. However, I can’t install the app (although I got a link from OPENROV) as I can’t use google play store at all, since I get a “Device is not Certified by Google” error when I try to open any google app (including play store). I looked online and found some clues to register my device using a GSF ID, but to find this ID seemed to involve installing an app, and since I can’t use play store, I can’t install that app… hece a catch 22. How did you manage?

best regards



Hi, yes I am from Norway.
Sounds a bit strange that you can not accsess the play store. I did not have any issue with that, and was able to accsess play store with out doing anything special.
The JDX is my first android unit, so I don’t have much android experience. Would recommend you to contact customer support at gearbest, to see if they can come up with something


I’m brand new with 2flights under my belt. I’m using OpenROV’s JXD & have huge problems in the pitch control in a real world flight. In the pool I can keep it level & steady but that is watching it directly & not on a screen.
I then flew it in a fresh water rock pool in the wild nature & could only view via JXD screen or through the DJI goggles. Awesome pics but my pitch is up & down like a roller coaster. I think lag is the main reason & need to get it sorted. I also found that I couldn’t just go stick free & stay stationary without cloud of rocks & silt clouding up form auto control?

I think this a full 360° shading is needed in the field as I could see crap without putting a jacket over my head lol

This is on Amazon & has a access window for touch screen controls.

Thinking :thinking: of that, is there anyway to have the JXD to have a screen curser so I can select stuff without touch screen? With DJI goggles on, it’s a pain to stop - lift goggles - select touch screen - lower goggles & start all over again? Just a thought.

For those without JXD, my preference would be a small laptop with a USB joystick. Left hand on slide throttle & right hand on stick for pitch & yaw plus have trims to auto counter for currents & whatever. Fly it like a plane, just no roll :grinning::+1:


I found i have much better control the trident wth my bluetooth “Steelseries” game controller it allows fine motor movements. using the tablet touch screen only causes too much movement. Since I will deploying always from a boat I can’t use googles (sea-sickness)
I mount my tablet in a RAM mount tablet holder with a full screen shade. I am hoping at sometime we can use the DJI CrystalSky tablet
which would be costly but very nice, with the ability to use in full sunlight.


Really love this photo? Do you mind if OpenROV uses it on social media?


This is the post i have been waiting to read, i tried connecting my samsung tablet A with some cheap programmable game controllers but couldn’t get any interface, i am very interested to hear details of what exactly you are using as a game controller and android interface / phone/ tablet, please share more,

I opted out of the ROV controller as i thought it seemed quite expensive for a first out stick and screen package, separately have been looking at how it may be possible to use an old Bebop drone controller which has great sticks and can mount a huge pad with HDMI output, but thats miles away and needs software info being made available from ROV and a very smart programmer, look fwd to hearing from you


No problems at all :grinning::+1:


I have just purchased the FT Aviator from Fluidity Tech & am hoping it will be compatible with the Trudent. I’m going to use it with my Mavic Pro 2 but it would be amazing with the Trident.
FT Aviator Controller