Trident connector to 2.X series Mod


Hello i was using LED light connector unfortunately this corrode very fast, one day visit Openrov HQ talking whit Walt and Erick how to use a trident tether on Openrov 2.X series, and they give me, a trident PCB connector,and i was happy to modify my, Rov openrov 2.8 here is a some pictures

thanks for watching.



Nice work.

Did OROV indicate that they might make the connector assembly available for the OROV2.8?

I have been using the LED submersible connector also and have been using a anti-corrosion brush on liquid on the connector pins that has prevented corrosion.



HI ,TCIII, I only use a WD40 ,I will try same as you, the connector i will say, I dont know if will be available for the 2.x series,maybe, if have a lot of people interested.



Thanks for the info on the connector, much appreciated.



ZORROV-V connector Mod, very convenient,

thanks for watching