Trident compared with pricier drones - your experience?


Our org has an older pro grade drone - I’m told it retailed for $35k+ (donated). I love the idea of a platform that we can modify to suit our needs - not so easy with the current drone. I can make the use case for the Trident platform and costs but the biggest push back from some people here is about stability in currents and capabilities for surveying shipwrecks.

The prevailing thought here is that Trident is a toy. I don’t believe it is but I’m looking for people in professional fields of research that are using Trident in challenging conditions and have worked with pro-grade drones enough to compare the two. I’d love to hear from you. If you do reply, I may also want to follow up so if you’d be willing to speak with me about your experiences, please indicate this too or msg me.




I have built the OROV2.8 with BR M100 motors from scratch (no kit) and have found that it has much better performance than the original motors especially in heavy currents.

I just recently built a BR BR2 Heavy Lift ROV for a marine biologist friend of mine who also has a Trident ROV. He has told me that the Trident does have problems maintaining station in heavy currents here in FL.

The BR BR2 Heavy Lift ROV cost about 500% more than the Trident, but is very powerful and can keep station in relatively heavy currents and lift heavy objects. And included in that 500% price is a Newton Gripper and four high intensity LED Lights.

BR provides good support (Blue Robotics Forum) and a wide range of ROV repair parts, kits, and accessories.



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