Trident Cockpit (near) Autonomous Pattern Search


Does Trident Cockpit control software have the ability to implement a autonomous box pattern or navigate grid search to reduce operator workload? Intended application is for search and recovery …or perhaps there is another option that will work with Trident to perform this feature?



There is not GPS on board the Trident or the wifi buoy so the ability to run a grid pattern is currently impossible. also the 1.0 - 1.5GHz frequencies that are used by GPS antennas do not penetrate water very well at all. anything more than about 1 Meter will degrade signal strength to 0.

this is also why there is no RTH (return To Home) function on the Trident. it has no idea where it is.



Acknowledge it has no precise geolocation information but it does have magnetic heading…so perhaps a basic automated grid pattern option could be enabled on the basis of simple direction and time parameters.