Trident Charging...? (ROV shipped without charger!)



I just received my Trident Beta with hardshell case and 30m tether. Everything was working great until the battery got low and I realized that they didn’t ship the charger!!

This just arrived a day before my weeklong trip that I planned last winter, but now it seems as though I am not going to be able to use it anyway… or not until next year’s trip. Extremely frustrated with this. :confused:

Can anyone confirm that the only method of charging is using the specified wall charger? My only hope is that they added charging via tether and Wifi topside, but I am a little afraid to hear the truth about that feature. If the connector wasn’t unqiue, I could easily find another way.

As a backup and last resort, maybe I’ll whip up my own tomorrow. Can someone give me the specs of the charger? Input/Output Voltage. And if possible, the pinout of the connection on top of the ROV?

Thanks for the assistance,


I can’t recall that information and I’m not sure that would help…but I will ask the right folks if we can hack something together…but my guess is that it won’t be a good solution. I can send you a charger on overnight freight. Are there any stops on your trip that we can aim for? If I get a reply in the next hour we might just make it overnight.



Spoke too soon. Sounds like a charger is already on the way!


Yes, just got confirmation!! Thanks a lot!!