Trident Camera Quality Issue - Horizontal Lines on Display



I was using my Trident on a shallow dive (6-12m depth range) with 100m tether. I noticed at parts of the dive the video had really irritating horizontal flickering lines lines on the screen that really affected my ability to see details in low light. The water was cold, around 5 Celsius and the air was about the same, so no freezing. Has anyone else noticed this? They are not visible all the time but seem to be mostly when the conditions are dark and the ROV is deeper.

I used my ROV a lot in warmer temps up to depths of 50m and never saw this before.




I haven’t noticed that in cold weather, down to 200’ very dark on the way down, and similar temps.

I might double check your tether connections on the Trident and Topside for any sign of corrosion and clean them and make sure they are tight.


Hey Trident333! Please reach out to You do have a Trident from the BETA program, so that might be the reason you are experiencing problems. Happy to troubleshoot via support channel!