Trident Battery charger light not staying red when connected

Our trident was unused for several months and we attempted to charge it for an upcoming dive.
Connecting the charger to the trident caused the charger light to turn on red for a second and then switch to green. This indicates it is not connected to ROV. I tried cleaning connection and re-attaching but the same occurred. At no point did any of the Trident status lights turn on?
The reaction from the trident was for the front lights to turn on for a second and then off in sync with the charger light changing from red to green?
At this point we cannot charge the ROV.

How odd… The only time I’ve experienced that sequence was when my Trident was fully charged and I tried to attach the charger. My battery charge seems to hold for quite a while. What happens when you attach Trident to the controller? Anything?
Good luck in any event.
Howard Pippen


The ROV is not discoverable when trying to connect. There are no charge status lights lit up on the back of the ROV between the motors?

Typically I would have green lights indicating charge level?

Yes, you should. I suggest you carefully clean the contact surface between the Trident and the connection plate of the cable. Good luck !

Hi Marc

I have cleaned them with a dry cloth, is there something else I should be using?

No, I have no other idea. Often these contacts get oxidated or corroded (sorry english is not my language) and the contact is not good.

Thanks Marc, I am heading back to my home province in 2 weeks and I have a 2nd Trident in my lab and I will swap components to try and get one to work.

Thanks for your input.

Hi Tom,

Any more success with your Trident issues?
I am back at home myself and can try to replicate any sequence that might be of help .

So: here is what I am seeing on a normal startup sequence:

  1. Charger plugged in but unattached from Trident - Light shows GREEN.
  2. Attach plugged-in charger to Trident - Charger light changes to RED… headlights Flash twice…aft array of green lights show charge level.
  3. Unplug charger and then attach to Trident - Trident Still flashes headlights twice and aft array of greens show charge level.
  4. Attach tether cable to at least partially charged Trident - headlights flash twice… Aft led array shows charge level… controller initializes, with 3 controller LEDs sequentially blinking and eventually showing solid illumination.

The only other possibility coming to mind is this: The charger to Trident connector actually has a magnet positioned below (aft of) the bolt and contact points. It is this magnet alone that activates the Trident. Yea, I know… surprised me too. Make sure that a) Your charger connection has this magnet, typically a blue 3/8" circle. Some chargers erroneously shipped without this magnet.
There’s also one on the controller connector.

Have you by chance been able to reach Trident tech support? I had some field issues on a stream restoration project last fall and their staff was very responsive, once I reached them. Email followed by phone call attempt worked for me.

I can understand how frustrating it must be to be away from home and not able to use this gear after all the time and treasure we have invested!

Wishing you well on solving this! Please let us know about the disposition, and by all means be in touch if added qns, or if can try something more for for you here.

Best, Howard Pippen
San Diego, California, USA