Trident available space full with all 1080p videos removed


I recently got a Trident, and am experiencing a lot of issues with videos and storage. In the past dives folder, there are no 1080p recordings listed in the Trident tab, however my available space is listed at 17.2GB out of 20.0GB. In addition, it is hit or miss whether or not the 720p pilot videos are captured, even though I have both Record Pilot Video and Record Trident HQ Video both set to on. I have plenty of space on my device. I often get 1 sec clips of videos, or nothing at all. I was able to record some 1080p videos, successfully download them off Trident to my device, but the available space on the Trident did not go down. I’m also curious why I’m not getting the pilot video saved on my device.

Have been using a Pixel 2 to control Trident, Android app version 1.5.2
Trident software version 719eb7

I’m not sure if there is a Trident Software update that might solve this. I’m finding I can’t connect the Trident to the internet at work because the internet has both a username and a password, and so I’m unable to connect to the internet at work.

Any thoughts on how to recover my lost 1080p and 720p videos? Any thoughts how to clear the Trident memory if that’s not possible? Any thoughts on connecting to a network with a username and password?




On my last dive over 150 <1 sec ( 56 byte ) Pilot videos were created in the Past Dives -> Pilot videos for one record session. I’m only guessing I didn’t have the tether connector tight enough, even though I did the 1/4 turn past snug/tight. There was some water under the connector rubber area. Next time, I’m going to wipe the water from around the connector before disconnecting to be sure of the source.

I tested back home, and everything worked fine. I never had a problem on previous dives.



I also noticed a few 1 sec (56kb) files were created, and corrupt files. I definitely had the connecter tightened down. But maybe like you I need to tighten further?



Are you clicking the record button when you dive? I ask because I made that mistake. :slight_smile:
I also didn’t find any 1080p videos in the 1080p folder, but I did find them in the base folder for past dives, which seemed odd.



Yep. But now it says the memory is full even though all previous 1080p videos were offloaded from the device and also I’m definitely missing 720p pilot videos.