Trident availability and/or successor

I am looking for a Trident or similar underwater drone to take underwater videos.

While OpenROV has discontinued the Trident, I was hoping there might be one available for purchase.

Failing that, is OpenROV (or anyone) making a replacement for the Trident? (I have investigated Blue Robotics and the Blue ROV 2…just wondering if there were any other options).

I have an Trident, and a BlueROV 2, but NOT for sale.
You can consider CHASING M2 or GLADIUS MINI S CHASING | The World’s Most Innovative Underwater Drones - Chasing Innovation
or FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone Fifish V6 8505740 — MOVESEA (

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I’ve used both of the Chasing drones and they were utter garbage.

Connection between controller and app was flaky at best. We’d get good results one day, and then be unable to connect or dive the next.

Sorry for my bad suggestion, they are certainly used quite a bit in Norway, but I haven’t tried them myself.

Maybe we just had a bad batch of controllers, but having two different drones from the same company bought at different times with the same issues was too much.

I use Trident and the BlueROV2 underwater drone systems and I recommend them both as relatively low-cost solutions.

I have also seen some of the new FiFish models and I have been led to believe they are up to standard however I have not yet purchased one.