Traveling with the ROV


The family and I are heading for Hawaii next week and are anxious to take the ROV with us to use in the ocean.

I have a Pelican case on the way so that I can pack everything nice and neat in one container. My plan was to bring it aboard the plane as my carry-on.

My only concern is TSA. Let's face it, to the uninitiated, this can look a little intimidating. Has anyone had any difficulty with getting through security?


I almost never have a problem. I always tell the agents that I have an underwater robot before it goes through the xray. They're usually very surprised and curious! It becomes a fun conversation!

Good luck!


Thanks David!

What do you do with your batteries? Do you leave them installed in the ROV?


Hey Ryan,

To echo David's experience, I think I've gone through close to 20 airport security screenings both domestically and internationally with an OpenROV as carry on and it usually goes just fine. Very often, they ask what the thing is and open the case and do a swab of the ROV. Whenever I describe that it's an underwater robot, the people doing the check always seem to perk up and get excited about the project. I swear, we could probably do pretty good business just selling ROVs to people who we meet in TSA lines!

As for batteries, there are some funny rules about not being able to take individual batteries on planes, but if the batteries are inside of something (like your ROV) then it's okay. The whole thing seems a bit fuzzy and I'm still not sure of an exact policy, but in general I've never had trouble with bringing ROVs with batteries inside on as carry on, nor have I had trouble bringing spare batteries along with the ROV.

Best of luck with your travels, and send some photos of the trip!!



Eric is correct about the batteries. Flying out of mexico they confiscated mine because they were not in the flashlight. They are also known to confiscate various tools, whether there is a knife on the tool or not.



Which model of the Pelican Case is recommended? Also, why not sell them in the store?