Traveling with OPENROV TIPS?


Heading to Hawaii with my ROV. any tips on travelling? Carryon? or Check in. Thanks! i also am running it with a 4,000mah lipo battery.



We always carry it on out of fear of breaking anything. The batteries won't make it through TSA, though.

Please send photos!!


Which island(s) are you headed to? I live in Hawaii, Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii to be specific. Are you visiting any universities with your ROV or just travelling for fun?

You're most likely flying into Honolulu on Oahu. Check out Hanauma Bay, it should be nice and calm:,-157.696959&spn=0.008818,0.016512&hnear=Hawaii&gl=us&t=w&z=17

This is the start of winter for Hawaii so most of the Northern shores of the islands have heavy surf and would not be ROV friendly, especially Oahu.


Awesome Marcus. Makes me want to go to Big Island now. we are traveling for a much needed vacation. We are staying in Maui.


David, here is a sneak peak, Its a home built version. I'll post more tomorrow. Late night at the Creator Space Lab.


There was a nice blog post about this topic on the DIYDrones site, starting with a few tips from Chris Anderson, which probably flew with drones a lot of times:

Here's what I do, and it's worked well for me so far:

  1. I carry the drones in a Pelican case, which is checked luggage
  2. I enclose a note in the case explaining what they are, for the TSA to read. I use phrases like "robots for a competition" rather than use the word "drones".
  3. I carry the LiPos in my carry-on luggage, in a bag that clearly marks them as batteries.

Basically: he flyes with the drone as checked luckagge, while takes batteries as carry-on luggage.

About batteries there is a nice document with a "human readable" version of the TSA guidelines:

To sum it up: bring LiPos in the LiPo bag, connectors taped with insulating tape and in your carry-on luggage. And take them out of the bag like you do with your laptop.

Here the full thread: