Transport the rov by plane


Hi, how do you carry your ROV if you Travel by plane, in the Cabin ?

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Hi Dominique,

I haven’t brought my ROV on board a plane as a carry on, but I do travel internationally with mine in a checked pelican case. I don’t see why you couldn’t put your ROV in a backpack and bring it on board, it’s certainly small enough. I usually have my laptop and enough other things in my carry on and wouldn’t be able you fit the ROV.



The main thing you might need to be careful about is the batteries (spare batteries in particular) as lithium ion batteries are considered a dangerous good for transport. Don’t pack any spare batteries in check-in baggage, tape up the terminals and take them carry on, pack them at the top or somewhere easy to access as customs will probably want to check them out.

Generally installed batteries are not so much of an issue (carry-on or check-in) but you should still isolate them (tape up at least one of the terminals on each bank).

The safest bet is to send an email to the airline and check, print a copy of their response and pack it with the ROV/batteries.


When I have flown with my ROV, I have taken it as carry on with no problems, as Adam said.