Transfer video clips via USB on wifi buoy


With the recent update enabling high quality 1080p recordings on the Trident itself, transferring the video clips over wifi takes a very long time. Will it be possible, in the future, to transfer via the USB-port on the wifi buoy?


I am also very interested in a USB port to PC data transfer capability. I typically do all my video editing on my PC and having to transfer to my device and then to the PC is one more step.


Hi @balder.matt, good questions in your post and I am interested to hear the answers. If it’s not too off topic, could you mention what video editing program you use on your PC? I need to export videos from Trident to my PC (or my Macbook!) for editing for the first time, and I’m looking for recommendations for the best way that users have found to do this. Cheers!


I have just started dabbling with editing in the last year and am using the free VSDC editing software. It works pretty good but I see myself getting into Adobe Premier Pro in the future.


Great, thanks for the tip :+1: